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Potential Benefits of CBD Cream

CBD Cream Benefits and uses. CBD Cream for joint pain and arthritis CBD has been well documented for its anti-inflammation properties thus giving positive benefits on arthritis and joint pain as well as other muscular and joint conditions. One of the main CBD benefits for…

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Remember not all CBD cream is created equal!

Importance of CBD Cream quality The CBD market has expanded rapidly over recent years and many companies have jumped on the bandwagon which has led to many unregulated products. This has led to a variety of product offerings that have been touted as CBD but…

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How do I use CBD Cream ?

How to use CBD Cream CBD Cream is use quite simple to use. Simply rub a little cream on the skin in a gentle motion ensuring all the cream is absorbed. This method of application doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge. Simply figure out…

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The Best CBD Grown to Organic Standards

CBD Cream Grown to Organic Standards. Organic hemp is “cleaner” because it’s free from synthetic-chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Our CBD Cream products are manufactured in a clinically clean laboratory in the UK. Our cream is produced from the finest Organic hemp.

Daniel Davies / CEO Owner of CBD Cream Shop ‘ Our CBD Cream uses hemp of the finest standards ensuring maximum effectiveness. Remember not all CBD is created equal. CBD truly is a gift of nature to humanity’

Each product is tested to the highest of standards and produced using our own unique and traditional technique. We try to source additional flavourings as organic and sourced from local producers, thus helping our own local economy and sustainability. That is why we produce by far the best CBD products.

Experienced Team in CBD Cream

Our team is a diverse mix of talent, ranging from marketing and business management.  We continue to develop our products and service all the way through to customer service, food production, biology and chemistry as well as engineering.

Low THC content in our CBD Cream

All of our products are certified as below the legal limits of THC content which is o.2% or under. Giving you the assurance that our products are not only legal but safe to consume in your day to day life.

You can check out all of our lab results here.

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