Mission Statement: Daniel Davies Owner and CEO of Hemp Life CBD: ‘It was a passion for natural and safe products, a passion for business and a passion for service that was and is the backbone of this company’

Who are we and how did the CBD Cream Shop get here?

CBD has been legalized in the UK only over recent years. Since then the market has become flooded with inferior products with many companies jumping on the bandwagon!

Not just wanting to be another CBD Cream company we decided to appeal to those who are confused about the products on the market. We are here to educate the consumer on what quality CBD Creams are all about regarding their ingredients, strengths and evidence of lab tests.

Remember that not all CBD cream is created equal. It’s not the size of the bottle that counts. Its the quality, purity and strength! Our creams contain CBD to the highest standards from hemp grown organically in the UK. Our CBD creams are also lab tested showing the strength and purity which is important as many high street brands do not offer lab tests.

The CBD Cream Shop is the home to the highest quality CBD products in the UK. With an uncompromising attitude towards quality, our product are without equal!

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CBD News

  • CBD Cream Dosage

    CBD Cream Dosage Since topical CBD is so localized and specific, you don’t really need to worry about the dose too much. Nevertheless, it can still be handy to figure out how much you need to use. So it is important to understand CBD Cream…

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  • How to use CBD Cream

    How to use CBD Cream Cannabis extracts have been used topically to relieve pain and treat skin rashes in India and Latin America for hundreds of years. CBD Creams also known as topicals have a light consistency and can be easily rubbed into the skin.…

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  • Who uses CBD Cream?

    Who uses CBD Cream? CBD Cream is used by people from all walks of life. CBD has gained huge publicity over the past few years. Athletes such as runners and martial artists, Hollywood stars, Pop stars and anyone who feel they need it use CBD…

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    Fast Shipping

    All orders placed are shipped from our UK office straight to your door, no questions asked. The UK is currently supporting the sale of cannabidiol across the nation, and as such, you purchase all of our legally compliant items with complete peace of mind.
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    Secure Checkout

    All orders payments are encrypted ensuring a safe and secure checkout. You can experience a safe and pleasant transaction.
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    Quality and Lab Tested

    Guaranteed quality, purity and safety with CBD Cream Shop. If you have been looking for the best CBD Creams, then you have found the perfect products. Our signature CBD Creams have been produced using the highest quality ingredients, extraction procedures, and product formulation.

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