Who are we and how did the CBD Cream Shop get here?

Daniel Davies – Owner / CEO of CBD Cream Shop ” It’s of fundamental importance to understand that not all CBD Cream is created equal. I want my customers to have the highest benefits possible. It’s not the size of the bottle that counts, it’s the quality, purity and strength of the CBD “

The CBD Boom and companies flooding the market

Since the CBD Boom in 2017 the market has now become flooded with many CBD companies jumping on the bandwagon and many consumers are skeptical and confused on what CBD brand to use. Over 10,000 companies in the UK are selling CBD right now, but the number of companies that know how to produce quality CBD Cream can be counted with the number of fingers on one hand.

The launch of CBD Cream Shop

Daniel Davies started taking CBD Cream and became aware of the benefits this wonderous natural product has to offer. There and then Daniel decided to launch CBD Cream Shop. After thorough research and sourcing the best supplier, in 2019 CBD Cream Shop was launched with the aim of providing the highest quality products and also providing everything you need to know about CBD Cream.

Leading the industry

We are proud to be one of the leaders in the CBD Cream market in the UK. Our creams contain CBD to the highest standards for maximum effectiveness. All our products are lab tested showing the strength and purity which is important as many high street brands do not offer these benefits. Our website is dedicated to the best CBD Creams and we offer a wealth of information regarding anything and everything you need to know about CBD Cream. 

The CBD Cream Shop is the home to the highest quality CBD products in the UK. With an uncompromising attitude towards quality, our product are without equal!

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