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How much CBD to take

CBD dosage depends on a number of factors such as:

  1. What you are taking it for
  2. What strength the CBD oil or cream is
  3. What type of oil based CBD are you taking ? Eg, Cream or Oil

    CBD oil jar
    CBD oil. Try our 500mg CBD Cream oil. See our Products page.

So if your asking yourself how much CBD to take? As mentioned above it really depends.

If you are taking a High Strength CBD Cream such as our 500mg try taking it a couple of times a day and see how you feel. The same applies for a CBD oil.  It is recommended to start off with a medium strength of around 5% CBD where you take it a couple of days a day to see how you feel. This way you can increase your product to a higher strength if you feel the medium strength is too low.  Start off low and work your way up is best.

You may want top try one of our CBD 500mg Creams. As you know the Creams are oil based with added moisturiser. Simply rub the Cream in to your joints or muscles a couple of times a day and again see how you feel.  You may want to increase or decrease the dosage depending on how you feel it effects you.

In general we recommend using  a CBD Cream or oil a at least couple of times a day for maximum effects.

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