Organic CBD Muscle and Joint Cream. 500mg High Strength | 7.8mg CBD Per Serving | 50 ml Tube. Award winning formula

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500mg CBD Cream. 7.8mg CBD per serving. Buy 2 and save 10% at only £31.49 a bottle. Buy 3 and get 15 % off at only £29.74 per bottle for the best selling cream in the UK today. The high strength CBD Cream for the individual who requires a little more potency. Strength is key when using CBD Cream.

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500mg High Strength Muscle and Joint Rescue Cream

High Strength Cream. Used by those who want more strength for their arthritis and joints

Did you know? This Vegan certified CBD Muscle and Joint Cream is the first cannabis cosmetic supplement in the the United Kingdom where the ingredients are clinically proven to repair, restore and soothe your skin. CBD Muscle and Joint Cream is a revolutionary breakthrough in skincare.

Data indicates that topical CBD application has therapeutic potential relief of arthritis pain-related behaviours and inflammation without evident side-effects as shown by the following study. Study on CBD.

500mg CBD Cream is our best seller of 2023! A great all round daily cream which customers keep coming back to.

New Pump Action bottle for 2023! With 7.8 mg of CBD per full pump, you can manage doses more easily and take exactly what you need for your condition.

Quality products at CBD Cream Shop

The highest quality CBD Creams in the UK
  • 500mg CBD Joint cream. 7.8mg CBD per serving.
  • Topical CBD Cream is more effective in high strength such as the 500mg Cream.
  • Used for various applications such as arthritis, your skin and muscles.
  • The amazing smell and texture of our CBD cream will leave your sore spot feeling relieved!
  • All CBD Cream Shop supplements have a lab report batch code (see test results page).
  • Contains the first clinically proven cannabis cosmetic ingredients in the UK to repair, restore and soothe your skin.


Infused with quality CBD full extract oil and fragranced with real cannabis terpenes, this nourishing formula will leave your skin feeling healthful and restored.

Full extract cannabis embraces all the plants natural waxes and fatty acids, as a result encouraging your skin to repair, restore and calm – providing relief. Our easy to use 50ml bottle allows for a highly targeted application of cosmetically formulated CBD, directly to your skin!

Full Extract includes CBD, CBDA, CBDG, no THC, and THCA, all the terpenes and all the natural flavinoids.


All our cannabis is EU approved and GM/pesticide/ herbicide/fungicide free. We ensure our crop is grown using organic farming practices. We extract in our own British labs, over 95% of our cannabis is grown in UK.


Aqua, Cannabis sativa L. Seed Oil, Cetearyl Olivate, Theobroma Cacao, Cannabis sativa L. Extract (CBD), Ylang Ylang Oil, Eucalyptol, d-Limonene, α-Pinene, β-Pinene, Linalool, Terpinolene, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid.

Suitable for vegans. Suitable for vegetarians.

Dosage / CBD Content

Dosage and Packaging Content:

We recommend on average 1 – 2 servings a day (1 pump equals one serving) although we find 2 servings is adequate for most consumers.

The cream is best used spaced throughout the day every day without missing a day to feel full effects of the cream working within your body. It is best to experiment with dosages and feel what works best for you.

Dosage frequency and amounts are at the user’s discretion, with a maximum daily dose of 70mg of CBD.

The cream can take up to 30 minutes to take effect by the time it is absorbed through the skin.

One bottle will typically last one month based on one serving per day.


CBD Content: 500 mg per 50 ml. This product contains Zero % THC.

Packaging: Pump action tube

CBD (mg) 500
Net volume (ml ℮) 50
CBD Percentage 1.246%

Serving size: 1 pump
Total servings: Approx. 60
CBD/serving: 7.8mg


24 reviews for Organic CBD Muscle and Joint Cream. 500mg High Strength | 7.8mg CBD Per Serving | 50 ml Tube. Award winning formula

  1. Andy Stevens

    Love the 500mg cream. Great for every day aches a pains.

  2. Gary Bowen

    Hi CBD Cream Shop

    A highly effective product for arthritis pain. I noticed effects after about 3 days of use. Great smell and texture and easy to apply.


  3. Pauline

    I can honestly say the 500mg Cream has worked so much for the arthritis in my knees.

    After much skepticism about the CBD industry i ordered one tube and its more effective than pain relief gels and creams. The CBD Cream really is a natural wonder!

  4. Margaret Williams

    I love the 500mg Cream and i find it very effective for my arthritis of the knees and its such a relief from the pain. I have been using it for 3 months now and wont go back to any other CBD Cream. CBD Cream Shop offer great products and a great customer service!

  5. Julie Edwards

    A friend recommended the 500mg cream. I have now been using it since last year and its benefits for arthritis are remarkable. I will recommend this product to anyone who suffers from arthritis.

  6. Eva Wilson

    I have been using CBD Cream Shop’s 500mg Cream for a few months and it has improved the arthritis in my knees drastically. There is much reduction in pain and i find it so much easier to get around without struggling like i used to.


  7. sgnanenthiran98 / Bath

    This is amazing, far better than any cbd creams I have previously used. It’s really helped my knees and I love that the formula isn’t greasy at all!

  8. Edward Davies / Bristol

    Awesome product and worked wonders for my Sciatica.

    Thanks Team!

  9. Jonothan Evans / Aberdeen

    Absolutely love this cream. Its easy to rub in and non greasy. Love the fact it has a pump action tube and you know exactly how much CBD is in each serving. A very effective products!

  10. Hilary Edwards / Portsmouth

    Great product. I find it easy to apply and the fact you can dose it easily as one pump of CBD is a certain amount of CBD volume. Very effective!

  11. Clare Roberts / Edinburgh

    Awesome product! Easily absorbed, non greasy unlike other brands and very effective!

  12. Laura Davies / Cardiff

    I got recommended CBD 500mg cream by a friend. I have been using it for around 4 weeks for my knees now and never go a day without it. It helps so much for my condition and works like no other gels or tablets i have used It seems to help more long term than other medications i use. CBD cream is the way forward!

  13. Jack Gaskin / Wiltshire

    I developed an auto immune disease called psoriatic arthritis. Every day i am in pain and use serious medication. Because of my meds i shouldnt use ibuprofen because of toxicity levels. I got recommended CBD Cream Shop by an arthritis warrior and it has changed my pain relief routine. I now feel safe and im not damaging myself long term. 10/10!

  14. Judith Howells / Durham

    Hi Team. Just wanted to say thanks for providing consumers with such as superb and quality CBD Cream. I keep coming back to you as your CBD Cream is in a class of its own and i use it every day for my knees! Thanks also for your knowledgeable service.


  15. Andy Davidson / Bradford (verified owner)

    After god knows how many trips to the doctors and x-rays my daughter suggested CBD cream this is fantastic no more painful knees and am able to enjoy life again ,POWER to the plant

  16. Tom Hunter

    Over the years i have tried so many herbal remedies without and benefit. I was recommended the high strength cream from a friend and i honestly can not believe how effective this stuff is! Its literally life changing. I cant believe how powerful it is and how fast it works because i apply it to my hands and the pain eases off within ten minutes, it also has reduced my inflammation. I also have arthritis in my knees and thank god it is not that bad but still quite painful and tho cream eases the pain in my knees. I use it three times a day and that does the job!

  17. Toby Farmer

    Hands down the best CBD Cream in the market! Very effective!

  18. Alexandra Brown / Bristol

    I love this 500mg Cream and have been using it for 6 months now and never go a day without it. It really is amazing as i suffer from arthritis and when i apply it it eases the pain within 5 minutes in my knees. Amazing smell, texture and sinks in to the skin easily.



  19. Joel / London

    Genuinely, the only cbd cream i have tried that works!! In fact, ive tried so many products to this point that i thought the whole cbd craze was BS!

    I get awful neck pain occasionally and it’s by far the worst pain i experience. Your cream is the first topical thing i reach for now. Hits the spot there every time to take the edge off.

    So well done for changing the mind of the industries biggest sceptics!

  20. Ben Owens / Cardiff

    Absolutely astonishing how cbd cream works. I use it for my arthritis and i dont even use pain killers anymore.

  21. Mark Bailey / Birmingham

    I keep coming back to the 500mg as i find it works wonders for my hands having early signs of arthritis working on building sites for many years.

  22. George smith

    Would like to join you for regular supply

  23. Gaynor White / Bristol

    Very potent and works within 5 minutes. Great service with fast delivery!

  24. Margaret Rees / Cardiff

    I have been using the 500mg for my knees as i have joint pain and week knees. I have been using it for about 6 months and its highly effective, i dont go a day without it.


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