CBD Lip Balm. For lip protection and cold sores.


Lip balms are known to be very effective when protecting the tissues of the lips. Our proprietary CBD lip balm recipe creates a barrier that defends against the sun’s rays and prevents tissue cracking.

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During the winter of 2021 why not try our CBD Lip Balm?

Remember our CBD Lip Balm is infused with high quality CBD and a good percentage of CBD which can be effective unlike many products on the market today which can have tiny trace amounts of CBD which are simply not effective. Remember not all CBD Cream is created equal.

Lip balms are known to be very effective when protecting the tissues of the lips. Our proprietary CBD lip balm recipe creates a barrier that defends against the sun’s rays and prevents tissue cracking.

CBD interacts with receptors in basically every known tissue of the body. When CBD Lip Balm is applied to the lips, it helps restore and nourish the delicate area of the skin. The lips do not contain melanin which is a chemical that gives the colour to your skin and acts as a buffer against possible sun damage and the environment. So, naturally, we created this 100% vegan friendly product to help defend the lips from unnecessary wear and tear considering environmental and sun damage.

CBD Lip Balm for Cold Sores, Skin Protection and Moisturising

The benefits of CBD lip balm benefits are quite impressive. With Soy Wax included, your lips will always stay moisturised and nourished. The Shea Butter will care for these gentle tissues by providing vital Vitamins A, E and F. Grape seed oil acts as a lightweight carrier that doubles the moisturising action of the product and is readily accepted by the lips. THE CBD oil used is also Broad Spectrum ensuring quality CBD.

CBD has its vital, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisture-balancing, and anti-bacterial properties that will blow you away! CBD also helps to heal and protect the skin from damage, meaning that your lips will never be bothered by harmful UV rays. This product is 100% THC-free.

If you have dry, chapped lips, or even cold sores you NEED this lip balm right away. CBD Lip Balm is used by many for cold sores due to its anti-inflamattory benefits. If the lips seem healthy, let’s just say it is highly recommended.

Not only do the lips lack melanin, that vital sun-protective chemical, but they also do not have sebaceous glands. These glands produce oils that keep the skin adequately hydrated: no oil production = no balance. This is why you should always have an organic lip balm available to keep your lips protected and moisturised.


Total CBD: 100mg

Size/Volume: 15ml

Recommended Use: Use the index finger to apply an even layer covering both lips. Only a small amount is needed for protective care.

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, (Soy Wax) Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Organic Shea butter), Sativa L (CBD)

Suitable for vegans. Suitable for vegetarians.


This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
You should always consult your doctor for guidance before taking new products.
All products are of the legal strength of 0.2% THC or under.


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