Health benefits surrounding CBD cream

Importance of CBD Cream quality. CBD Cream Shop VS the High Street Brands

3 important factors to consider when purchasing CBD Cream.

  1. What Extract is the CBD?
  2. CBD Strength
  3. Lab Report

The CBD market has expanded rapidly over recent years and many companies have jumped on the bandwagon which has led to many unregulated products. This has led to a variety of product offerings that have been touted as CBD but when you dig deep you will find that many products can be very inferior and low grade.

In order to obtain a quality CBD product you will need a product which is Full Extract like ours at CBD Cream Shop (also known as Broad Spectrum). Full Extract means that an oil or product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring within in the cannabis plant. These products are typically high in CBD content, with 0 % THC.

cream for sciatica pain
Our 500mg CBD Cream is high strength and contains all the essential natural oils found in the Cannabis plant.

If you look at the ingredients for example on our 500mg cream you will see it contains Cannabis Sativa L Seed oil. Cannabis Sativa L Seed oil is known as Hemp Seed oil which contains all fatty acids which has long been recognised for its use as a skin treatment regarding anti inflammatory and moisturising. The other ingredient is Cannabis Sativa L extract which is the actual CBD. These are 2 essential ingredients in a CBD Cream and don’t forget the bottle contains a large serving of 500mg CBD content.

You will see many of the ‘Big Companies‘ on the high street selling CBD Creams. Many products are misleading and simply advertised as ‘CBD Cream’ with no relation to CBD Content, Full Extract or their Lab Reports meaning. These products are likely to be inferior and simply ineffective!

Remember any CBD product still needs to be backed up with lab reports ensuring the quality of the products just like ours.

Imagine making purchasing a very cheap carton of concentrated orange juice?

It will more than likely contain added sugar and water and very low amounts of orange juice. Fresh orange juice on the other hand can contain 100% of fresh juice containing all the natural vitamins and goodness. This is exactly the same as CBD Cream. High Street CBD Brands brands may have the Concentrated Juice equivalent of a CBD Cream making it very inferior as it does not contain the essential CBD Compounds. You really could be throwing your money away!

We at the CBD Cream shop are here to educate our customers and offer the highest quality CBD Creams. Remember our products are Full Extract and grown to Organic standards which is cleaner because the products are free from synthetic-chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Our products also have up to date Lab Reports!


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