CBD Cream Shop Muscle and Joint Cream Range

Introducing our advanced range of Muscle and Joint Creams. Our creams are perfect for those sore, painful muscles and joints. Contain all the plants natural waxes, fatty acids and terpeness, our best-selling products directly target your most painful areas, giving you the relief you need.

This is our top selling joint relief range and the majority of our customers use this range for their joint and arthritis pain as opposed to balms which are more for massaging aching muscles.

With 3 strengths of creams, we have something for everyone; the only thing left to do is give them a go and experience the relief you have been waiting for!

3 Strength Creams Below:

1. Level 1. Medium Strength. 250 milligram

2. Level 2. High Strength. 500 milligram

3. Level 3. Super Strength. 1000 milligram

Why not try our best selling 1000mg Super Strength CBD Cream?

CBD Cream strengths are based on the milligram content. For example the medium strength contains 250mg of CBD per bottle totalling 3.9mg of CBD per serving. 500mg high strength is 7.8mg per serving and 1000mg super strength is a huge 15.6mg per serving. Please note that one full press of the pump is one complete serving.

To keep it simply we have simply broken down the strengths below.

250mg –  A great value every day medium strength CBD Cream for those every day aches and pains with muscle and joints.

500mg – CBD Cream is more effective in high strength such as the 500mg Cream. For those who require that extra potency for their arthritis and general pain.

1000mg – There is nothing on the world market which comes close to CBD Cream Shop Super Strength CBD Cream. The 1000mg is our premium cream and our top seller. Used by customers who commonly have more severe cases of arthritis, joint pain and muscular pain. See our reviews page by customers who use our 1000mg cream. Testimonials

If your not sure about how much to take start slowly. Start one serving of CBD Cream. If relief is inadequate after one week simply increase the dose by that same amount.  If needed, go up in small doses over four weeks or so. If you benefit then continue taking that dosage which you feel is the right amount. Dose this amount between two and three times per day to maintain a stable level of CBD in the blood.

Disclaimer: This article may contain references of CBD “for” a specific subject, for example, “CBD Oil and cream for Pain “. It is important for us to be clear and confirm that CBD is an actual food supplement that, while it may be useful for many people, is not sold “for” any specific purpose other than general health and wellbeing. Any references of CBD for a specific subject are simply so to clarify this to anyone searching for these terms out of interest.

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